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Our students learn in 2-3 months what takes most traditional approaches 2+ years to learn, playing 30-50 classical, jazz, blues, and accompaniment songs in their first year of piano with the breakthrough Simply Music method.

There are many details that go into planning piano lessons, and you may have a lot of questions regarding scheduling, pricing, frequency, availability, curriculum costs, and piano tuner or keyboard recommendations. The best way to get all your questions answered about piano lessons is to attend a Free Introductory Session at our stellar studio in Uptown Ankeny.

Nobody likes getting sucked into a sales pitch, including us. With that in mind, this 45 minute session is purely informational and educational, designed to give you all the facts you need to make the best decision about piano for your family. We also provide supplemental piano and keyboard purchasing information to fit your family's needs, as well as a pamphlet with the details discussed in the session to take home.

Learn more about the Simply Music method, what sets Simply Music apart from other traditional learning methods, participate in a free demonstration lesson and get answers for any questions you may have. You'll also learn about Passion Studios, meet an instructor and hear their personal story.

Spots are limited and go quickly! Reserve your seat to learn more.

Check out Conrad - he's been taking lessons 4 WEEKS and can already play and sing his first song!