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Passion Studios is a music lesson studio located in Uptown Ankeny. Our playing-based approach through the Simply Music method has students playing 30-50 songs with both hands in their first year. Our students learn in 2-3 months what takes traditional lessons 2+ years to learn, fueling a passion and joy for music.

Interactive and immersive shared lessons fosters communication and expression through music. Paired with a constantly expanding, diverse repertoire and music artist spotlight each month, every student experiences a unique sense of discovery, accomplishment and companionship.

At the core of all we do, we believe everyone has their own unique musical voice, and we exist to unlock it.

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Finally a technique and teacher that is effective, fun and suited for all ages! I’m 50+ and fulfilling a dream to sit down at a keyboard, anytime/anyplace and actually play songs - without sheet music. Having a blast and after just 4 mos. can play an interesting variety of songs. Gabi brings out the best in students of all ages and capabilities!
— Diana D.
“I’m so thankful I was referred to Simply Music and even more grateful I found Gabi! She is a wonderful piano teacher. She explains things well and you can feel her passion for music. I’m quite surprised with the number of songs I’ve learned in a little under two months. She’s encouraging and able to work with your schedule. I would recommend Gabi and Simply Music to anyone interested in learning how to play the piano!”
— Emily K.

Piano Lessons
I am on my 24th week of lessons with Gabby and I have already learned over 20 songs. I have so much fun every week in the studio with her and I am grateful for this opportunity to learn to play piano in a new and different way. I have never composed prior to these lessons or even thought I would be able to do so, but I am already working on my third short song this week. It’s so encouraging to find a method of learning that makes me feel confident in my abilities to play and that fits my own style of learning. I would recommend this studio, teacher, and method to anyone looking to learn piano and have fun while doing it.
— Paige M.

Check out Conrad - he's been taking lessons 4 WEEKS and can already play and sing his first song!

My three children (ages 4, 6 & 7) are taking lessons with me and we are having an amazing time. Three months in and the kids are already playing 5 songs, making up songs on their own and I can play almost 10 songs myself. Gabby is amazing with them and I couldn’t ask for a better approach to learning to play piano.
— Patrick P.