Sharpen the Saw Day

The session at Northeast Elementary today taught students chords, improvisation, the blues scale, and a short song on the piano. The video above shows how to use the three triangles of the blues scale to improvise and create.

Each student has been given this video of the blues scale as a thank you and a source of inspiration for future creativity.

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About Us

We believe everyone has their own unique musical voice,
and we exist to unlock it.

Passion Studios is a piano studio located in Uptown Ankeny. Our playing-based approach through the Simply Music method has students learning in 2-3 months what takes traditional lessons 2+ years to learn, fueling a passion and joy for music.

Interactive and immersive shared lessons fosters communication and expression through the piano. Paired with a constantly expanding, diverse repertoire and music artist spotlight at the beginning of lessons each week, every student experiences a unique sense of discovery, accomplishment and companionship.