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From Simply Music:
"We are committed to revolutionizing our teacher’s success in having students acquire and
retain music as a lifelong companion. In essence, the reasons behind the global success of the
Simply Music Piano method are:

  • The quantity and quality of music that our piano students play

  • How quickly and easily our students learn to play piano"

      Simply Music's has four primary goals for each teacher to be able to equip their
students with. The four goals are to:

  • Experience music as a natural self-expression

  • Play a broad repertoire of great-sounding music

  • Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience

  • Develop the ability to self-generate and progress on their own

As such, a three way commitment is needed from Teacher, Parent and Student in
order to retain music as a lifelong companion.


Your music coach is fully committed to your success as a student at Passion Studios.
He or she will always:

  • Be prepared for class with appropriate material.

  • Be punctual for class time.

  • Be patient, enthusiastic and encouraging.

  • Maintain consistent, open communication with parents and student body.

  • Offer opportunities through recitals, events and volunteering for the student to share his or her musical talent.



  • Class will begin at scheduled time. Student and Parent must schedule accordingly to attend the first two lessons.
    In the event of tardiness or absence, student is responsible and MUST obtain missed material from a fellow student.

  • If student is under 18, a parent MUST be brought to class, no exceptions.

  • Do everything you are asked to do, and do not do anything you are not asked to do.

  • No gum, food or other distracting items in class besides water. You are free to purchase snacks and eat in the lobby outside of your class time. Do not play with the equipment or doors unless given permission. Cell phones must be on SILENT and PUT AWAY.

  • Participation is a requirement, not an option. Be ready to be involved in round robins, hand raising, playing and recitals at any time.



  • Practice time established during the 1st lesson and must be completed 5 days a week, 15-20 min a day, and 30-35 minutes after levels 1 and 2 are mastered. PRACTICE TIME IS NON NEGOTIABLE. Any scheduling conflicts must be discussed with teacher prior to student defaulting on practice time. 100% effort is required, not 95%.

  • Playlist must be kept alive on a daily basis via the Better Practice App at betterpracticeapp.com. If your internet connection isn't working, a substitute must be discussed with your teacher prior to defaulting on the app.

  • Complete all assignments as scheduled.

  • Keep open communication with your teacher and feel free to ask any questions during the week.


WHY: Passion Studios is a requirement based studio. If our teachers only 95% committed to being at
lessons and helping the student learn piano, both the student and parent would be sorely frustrated.
If you were to sign up for a sports league and you decided you didn't want to follow your coaches
instructions, you would be put on the bench. We are 100% committed to each student acquiring the
skill set to enjoy and create music for a lifetime, as such we need 100% commitment from the student
in these 5 areas at both class and home.


  • TRUST THE MUSIC COACH, even if you don't understand, don't agree, or if its inconvenient for you.

  • Attend and participate in lessons, discussions and recitals. Student and Parent must schedule accordingly to attend the first two lessons.

  • At home, ensure that student is completing assignments and keeping the playlist alive.

  • Adhere to Payment Policy listed below.

  • List any absences on the Absent Form in the Lobby.

  • Read the monthly newsletter and keep up to date on studio communications.

  • Utilize Passion Studios website for any:
    o FAQ's
    o Upcoming Events
    o Inclement weather announcements.
    In the event of bad weather, check your email and text messages for studio closing announcements. If the studio closes, you will be issued a half credit for that lesson that can be applied to a future payment or in the Passion Studios store. If the studio remains open and you decide to not attend the lesson, no credits will be issued.
    o Announcements

    In the event of a student progressing more quickly than the group or needing
    more review than the speed of the group or simply another group is developed,
    the teacher may evaluate the students needs and have the student switch
    groups as necessary, providing the best fit for everyone.

  • If bringing a sibling to class, ensure they are not a distraction to the rest of the

WHY: We, as teachers, are only with the student for 30 minutes to an hour every WEEK. You are with
them the other 23 hours and 6 days a week. It would be impossible to impart the ability to play and
motivation to continue in one hour. Rather, we give each student and parent the tools and knowledge
they need each week to be successful at the piano. Each student's success in any given week is entirely
dependent on how committed you as a parent are to seeing them be successful through peaks,
plateaus and valleys during practice time. Who will you be for your child during the valleys?


2018 Group Rate: $100/month | 2017 Private Lesson Rate: $220/month

To begin lessons, you must commit to a minimum of three months of lessons. 

The application fee and the first months payment is due at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable.


ENROLLMENT: We require a minimum of three months commitment with piano lessons at Passion Studios. If you decide to not honor your three month commitment, your card on file will be charged $25 per month for each month you did not continue lessons. This is a charge for the time we now have to spend finding a student to fill the lesson time you committed to.

SCHEDULING: The only way to reserve a lesson time at the studio is to pay the application fee and first month’s payment. By prepaying for a lesson time, you will be the first scheduled when your time preferences become available. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee a lesson time for you if you provide less than four time slot availabilities on our scheduling form during enrollment. We cannot guarantee a lesson time for you should your scheduling needs change in the future; we will provide you existing class options for you to choose from at the same or similar level.

PAYMENT: *Once you agree to a specific class time, specific start date and prepay for your lessons via Sawyer Tools, you are enrolled at Passion Studios, and the first month's tuition and application fee are non-refundable.
Payment is managed on a month to month basis via Sawyer Tools. Payments are due on the 29th day of the month to reserve your class spot for the following month. A credit/debit card on file is required to be a student, even if you choose to pay with a different method for your monthly subscription. If payment is not received by 11:59pm on the 29th of the month, a $2/day late fee is charged for the following two days. If payment is still not
received by two days after the due date, the card on file will be charged the total in late fees, and the student’s scheduled lesson time is forfeited and is open to the student body . Weekly rate is subject to change on an ANNUAL BASIS.

CANCELLATION: We take commitment very seriously, and can not teach you what you need to create a lifelong relationship with music in a matter of months. We respectfully ask that if you are over committed or would like to “try it out” that you wait to enroll at Passion Studios until you have a regular time five days a week to commit to practicing.

Each student is required to take at least three months of lessons. Committing to a year of lessons is optional, but should you cancel before your student has received a year of lessons, additional fees will be charged to your card on file. Please note the following cancellation terms carefully:

  1. If at any time, student or parent is contemplating cancelling lessons for any reason, a 30 day written notice to Passion Studios is REQUIRED prior to cancellation. Our admin will request some exit feedback, and the teacher may request a meeting from student and parent. We encourage you to continue to attend piano lessons during the 30 day period!

  2. Should you decide to cancel lessons before the three month of lessons has ended, we will charge the remainder of the three months of lessons to the card on file.

  3. Regardless of when you submit your cancellation, the next month’s lesson fee for the month will still be charged to your account as a part of the 30 day notice.

  4. Should you cancel before a one year period has passed from your first day of lessons, you will also be charged a $5 commitment fee per month of lessons you will not be attending.

  5. If lessons are cancelled by a failure to attend piano lessons two weeks in a row, at a total of 14 days with no communication between Passion Studios and the parent (text, email, phone call or in person meeting), your account will be charged an additional $50 no show fee due to no written cancellation per the policy. Past lessons cancelled by failure to attend will not be refunded or reimbursed on any condition. You will not be eligible for re-enrollment at the studio.

Example: Susie only takes one month of lessons out of a three month commitment and stops attending lessons without any prior communication. In addition to the $103 charged as her 30 day notice, she will be charged $103 for the third month she committed to and will not be attending. She also is charged $45 in commitment fees for 9 months of lessons she will not be attending, and a $50 no show fee, for a total of $301.

Example: Ellen realizes her family will be too overcommitted during the summer and submits her 30 day notice. Her son has received 9 months of lessons. In addition to the $103 withdrawn for next month’s lessons, Ellen is charged $15 for the rest of the year’s lessons, for a total of $118.

Example: Friedrich has taken a year of piano but unexpectedly has to move. He submits his 30 day notice and is charged $103. He finishes out his last month of piano at the studio, for a total of 13 months of piano lessons.

ATTENDANCE: In case of absence, student must notify teacher at least two hours prior to scheduled lesson time. Student is responsible for gathering missed lesson material from a fellow student. PASSION STUDIOS DOES NOT OFFER MAKE UP LESSONS. No shows will NOT be credited, refunded or reimbursed on ANY condition. If a vacation is being planned, the only way to secure the scheduled lesson time is to pay the monthly fee for the scheduled lesson time. Student and Parent are responsible for obtaining missed lesson material from a fellow student. One substitute is allowed to attend the class time in the student’s absence.

WHY: It is imperative that Passion Studios knows the number of students scheduled on a month to
month basis for budgeting purposes and planning ahead for the future. Colleges, private schools, and
even fitness centers do not offer refunds or reimbursements for missed classes. Each teacher has
made a commitment to each student and parent to consistently attend every lesson, so naturally we
require the same of every student and parent to every teacher. If at any time any of the above
requirements are broken, the student’s enrollment at Passion Studios will be placed under review.


During enrollment with Passion Studios, you agree to the following confidentiality agreement with Simply Music:

"Simply Music and/or its delegates” (“SM”) offers a unique “method of music instruction for students and teachers including specific approaches, ideas, techniques, musical compositions, written, electronic and audiovisual materials, Trade and Service Marks, and business or technical information (“The Program”). The program is presented to you solely for your personal use. You will receive proprietary materials that, along with your lessons, ensure that you are being provided with the highest level of support that is possible. The Program has been developed as a result of the investment of significant time, effort and expense, and is a highly valuable, special and unique asset that provides SM with a distinct and significant competitive advantage. By signing this form you agree not to copy, alter, modify, reverse engineer, reproduce, replicate or create any imitation or abstraction of the Program, or attempt to derive the composition or underlying information of The Program. You declare that you will not use The Program for commercial application, nor use it to influence the development of any music educational program that is intended for commercial application. You acknowledge and agree that due to the unique nature of SM’s Program, there can be no adequate remedy at law for any breach of its obligations hereunder, that any such breach may allow you or third parties to unfairly compete with SM resulting in irreparable harm to SM and, therefore that upon any such breach or threat thereof, SM shall be entitled to injunctions and other appropriate equitable relief in addition to whatever remedies it may have at law. SM shall also be entitled to recover all of SM’s costs, disbursements and legal fees incurred in seeking or obtaining enforcement hereof."                                                                                                                                                                             

*You do not need to take any action.* Your teacher will inform you when and how to purchase your material. 
This is for informational purposes only.

From Simply Music: Specific Costs
“Regardless of whether students are in Private or Shared Lessons, Simply Music Teachers are entirely independent and determine their own fee structure. Contact your local Simply Music Piano Teacher to inquire about their fees.
“Student Home Materials (SHMs) are a required part of students’ learning experience and these are acquired from time to time as directed by the teacher.
“All digital SHMs, once purchased, will reside in each students’ account on the Student Intranet, where they can access them 24/7 – anywhere and anytime as long as they have an internet connection. Video files streaming only whereas audio files can be downloaded and readable files (PDFs) can be printed.
“...for an additional cost, a physical copy of SHMs can be acquired.”        

Foundation Levels 1-9: $35.00-$45.00 USD
Development Levels 10-18: $8.00 - $10.00 USD
Special Programs: $8.00 - $30.00 USD
Supplemental Programs: $5.00 - $25.00 USD


The following is the privacy policy and terms of use with Sawyer Tools and Stripe, our Credit Card processor.




We use the following schedule to plan recitals and volunteer opportunities. The lesson
schedule is divided into three terms:

Term 1: Jan - April | Term 2: May - August | Term 3: September - December

Passion Studios observes 4 break weeks that generally land around the following time frame:

New Year: January | Spring Break: March | Summer: September | Winter: December

These break weeks will shift depending on the year. Our pricing is already calculated
based on a 46 week year as opposed to a 52 week year, allowing 2 weeks for possible sickness. We also observe the following holidays:

Easter Weekend | Memorial Day | Independence Day
Labor Day | Thanksgiving Day | Christmas Day

Each student will be given a handout of the break weeks and observed holidays at the
beginning of the calendar year. These dates can also be found on our Sawyer Tools website.

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