Lesson Information

Read the following information carefully and thoroughly.

So glad you are interested in beginning the musical journey for yourself or your child at Passion Studios!

Please understand that music lessons at Passion Studios may not be the best fit for you if:

  • You would like to "try it out" to see if you or your child may enjoy piano vs. being committed to a long term relationship and experience with music education
  •  If you or your child is involved in many extra curricular activities, or the family is very busy with traveling, making daily practice very difficult
  • You or your child are not ready to create a habit of playing the piano, i.e. being at the piano at the same time every day.

Our mission is "to reawaken creativity, simplicity and joy as the core of learning; instilling a lifetime passion for music that impacts the lives of others." To accomplish this, we require 100% dedication at enrollment, not 95% - just like a sports team, dance team or college. 

If you are not ready for this level of commitment but your circumstances change in the future, please feel free to reach out to the studio! 

For a taste of lessons, you may also check out one of our Four Song Workshops here.

If you feel like you are a good match, please continue reading.


Classes consist of 2-5 students along with their coaches. Class is held once a week every week and lasts anywhere between a half hour to an hour, depending on how many students are in the class. There are many benefits of this learning environment, but here are just a few. 

Students will:

- Learn by observing other students

- Experience music naturally in a social environment

- Become comfortable playing in front of others

- Flourish in camaraderie and support for both students and parents

- Learn from others ideas, questions and playing styles



Throughout the learning process at the studio, we will discuss a three way relationship between teacher (method coach), student, and parent (life coach). A parent or other person acting as a consistent life coach at home and lessons MUST accompany students age 18 or younger to every class. NOTE: Adult students are their own coaches.

Coaches are a pillar to student's long term success. Coaches MUST:

- Be a consistent person in class each week (occasional substitutes are okay)

- Participate in every lesson without distraction
**Cell phone usage is not allowed in class and will be enforced.**

- Ensure that the student is completing all assignments each week.

- Continue to communicate the value of a non-negotiable practice time with student.

- Be available to support the student at home regularly




- During the group lesson scheduling process, student must have and select at LEAST 4 1/2 hour time slots available for a possible lesson time. The more available you are, the easier it is to schedule a class. We will pick just one of those slots for the weekly lesson time.


- A reserved time every day to practice 15-20 minutes for Level 1, and 30-35 for Level 2+. Practice time is *non-negotiable*.

-You will need the following supplies and equipment. Feel free to print this list:

  •  88 Key Piano or Keyboard
  • Sustain Pedal
  • Computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access
  • Notebook or binder with ruled paper



To begin lessons, you must commit to a minimum of three months of lessons. 

The application fee and the first months payment is due at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable.


* Once you agree to a specific class time, start date and prepay for your lessons, you are enrolled at Passion Studios, and the first month month's tuition and application fee are non-refundable.

* A credit card is required on file, and every student must be enrolled in automatic payments through Sawyer Tools, our secure payment processing system. In the event of 14 consecutive days of no show/no communication (text, email, phone call or in person meeting) at any time during your lessons, we may charge the card on file for the remainder of the committed time as your two week notice, if no payment has already been made. If payment has already been made, we will reimburse only for the time after the two week notice period.

* If you decide to not honor your three month commitment, your card will also be charged $25 per month you did not continue lessons. This is a charge for the time we now have to spend finding a student to fill the lesson time you committed to.
Ex: Susie only takes one month of lessons out of a three month commitment and with written notice, discontinues and stops attending lessons. In addition to the $50 charged as her two week notice, she will also be charged $25 per month for each of the two months she committed to and will not be attending.

                                             1 Student                2 Students
First month's tuition:            $100                          $180
Application Fee:                      $25                            $30
Reservation Total:                $125                          $210