"Most people do not. This is true for individuals who have had a negative experience with music as a child, and can be a mindset struggle for current musicians. We are trained to believe that musicianship comes naturally to the gifted, the few and far between, but not for the general populace. This is a blind that needs to be opened. 

"I want to open this blind for people across all walks of life, allowing them to be self expressive on the piano, thereby enabling them to pursue other avenues of creativity. I want motivated individuals to be able to speak music, and I want to be the catalyst that gets them there. I want to help the people that want help. I want these people to use their abilities to help others.

"I want to be able to say I played a small part by helping plant the seed of inspiration and creativity."

~ Gabrielle


"To reawaken creativity, simplicity and joy as the core of learning;
instilling a lifetime passion for music that impacts the lives of others.


For every human impacted by Passion Studios, young and old, to realize, experience and speak their own music.